The Big ‘I’ Group is a cross-media studio specializing in immersive content and new media applications, with a unique focus on themes related to global sustainability and the evolution of consciousness.

Anchored in the belief that quality entertainment can be enlightening, the Big ‘I’ Group seeks to effect collective change by using interactive media to empower a critical mass of inspired individuals across cultures and generations. To this end, we are currently in production on Mandala™, which uses transmedia to invite the audience on a collective hero's journey. The world's top independent publisher Dark Horse Comics (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Sin City, Hellboy) published the Mandala™ graphic novel in May 2014. The Blair Witch Project executive producer is adapting the graphic novel for a live-action digital series and television.

To a degree not yet attempted by others, the Mandala™ media franchise leverages and promotes the intersection of technology, spirituality, environmentalism and entertainment via social networking, online gaming, graphic novels, and digital content, all in creative convergence with the real world.

Mandala… a multiverse where fiction meets reality.

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