The Big ‘I’ Group's mission is to create engaging and meaningful entertainment that empowers and educates and enlightens, based on universal themes from around the world. 

At the heart of the Big ‘I’ Group are its creators and founders, "The Thirteen"—writers, artists, academics, and entrepreneurs—all joining forces to help catalyze a global renaissance. Extensive experiential knowledge and academic study of the world's mythological traditions makes the Big ‘I’ Group ideally suited to launch this type of ‘edutainment’ enterprise.

The Big ‘I’ Group is working closely with recognized and respected elders and teachers within these wisdom traditions. Ultimately committed to making a difference in the world, the Big ‘I’ Group supports the activities of the Transcendent Nation Foundation.

The Big ‘I’ Group acts as the holding company, creative manager, and sole owner of the intellectual property of the Mandala media franchise.

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